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Prospective Services is a foresight consultancy that assists organisations to build thinking capacity and futures literacy.


Working with all industries, for profit and not-for-profit, we help build organisational culture and direction by facilitating the development of powerful, motivating, images of preferred futures, followed by a plan for present actions to achieve them.

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Engaging with the future, Futures Dreaming, Strategic Futures Conversations, Integral Futures


Environmental scanning, hosting strategic conversations, scenarios, understanding foresight, speaking engagements, creating preferred futures, foresight facilitation

Actionable Foresight

Actionable Foresight is a series of processes that expands the boundary of thinking by finding new pathways of thought, identifying options and opportunities in this expanded panorama of possibilities and then commits to action the option that best meets the individual or organisation need. Learn more about Actionable Foresight

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Peter Hayward and Susan Oliver spent a number of months in 2011, working with Skills Australia (now AWPA) on scenarios for skills in 2025. These have now been released and are available here.